When:  April 11th, 2018   7PM
Where:  Haverford Twp Library

Hallisey!: The Incredible Life and Times of Haverford Township’s First Chief of Police

Join us for an evening of local history brought to you by Matt Hufnal, Historical Society member and a detective with the Haverford Police Department Come learn about the  story of Edward T. Hallissey, a larger-than-life lawman whose exploits made him a national figure.  The positive headlines that chronicled his career were eclipsed by those that detailed the circumstances of his shocking dismissal in 1921.  Matt will discuss the stories that surrounded Hallissey’s tenure as chief, a fascinating  period that saw the beginnings of the Haverford Township we know today.  Matt will also talk about the extensive research needed to complete the book and what drove him to write about this man who is part of our townships history.