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About the Haverford Township Historical Society

In 2015 Haverford High student Jenna Miele directed and produced this excellent 14-minute video that serves as a great introduction to the Haverford Historical Society, Nitre Hall, Lawrence Cabin and the Federal School. It features quality visuals with informative commentary from HTHS members, plus personal insights and remembrances of Haverford High School students and teachers. It’s been a regular feature on the township’s cable channel for years.

Railways in Haverford Township

This is a fact-filled, picture-packed video from an April 2022 online event co-sponsored by HTHS and the Haverford Township Free Library. Haverford Historical Society history researcher Rich Kerr presents a 1-hour PowerPoint presentation detailing the history of the many and varied railways that ran through Haverford Township. He shows how these railways shaped and redefined the township from quiet farmlands into today’s populated residential suburb, known for its quiet charm and many neighborhoods. He carefully links vintage views to what’s there today, and follows with an informative 33-minute question and answer session. Related bits of general township history are sprinkled throughout the video.

Haverford Heritage Trail: Opening Ceremony

Here’s a 10-minute video of the opening ceremony for the Haverford Heritage Trail, which took place at the Grange Estate (Site 1 on the trail) on June 10, 2012. HTHS President Mary Courtney served as the master of ceremonies.