HTHS Collections Online

Haverford Township Historical Society

Ceremonial groundbreaking shovel, Manoa Shopping Center

We have been putting more and more information about our collections online, as a public finding aid. We use PastPerfect museum management software and its optional PastPerfect Online service. At this point, we have inventoried over 3,000 photos in our collection, of which over 1,800 are online for you to see. Similarly, over 1,400 objects are inventoried, with over 1,000 online and over 500 of them having images available. We have inventoried over 700 books in our library, with over 400 of them detailed online. Lastly, we have cataloged over 500 paper items from our archives, with over 300 online, nearly all with images. We’re continuing to add to these totals over time.

To search or simply browse through all of these, just go to and have a look! PLEASE take a minute to read the instructions about searching – this will greatly improve your results, since this search engine does not behave like others with which you may be more familiar. Clicking on a heading or thumbnail image will bring up more information, and clicking on the larger image will bring up an even larger image.