About Us

Haverford Township Historical Society

Get to Know Us!

The Society is run by volunteers and supported by members and donors. We gather and preserve historical information and artifacts of township history, through donations and in some cases timely purchases. While we work closely and cooperatively with the township to occupy and enliven township-owned historic buildings with programs and activities, we do not receive any township funding into our accounts and do not own any buildings ourselves. In fact, we donate Society funds and our own volunteer time towards the upkeep of those township buildings with which we are involved. Founded in 1939, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Join Us!

We rely entirely on volunteered time and resources. You can help us and our efforts by simply becoming a member (it works out to only about 4 cents a day!), donating, or volunteering your time and talent.

Board of Directors

Kate Clifford – President, Volunteer Coordinator
Chris Whiting – Vice President, Grounds
Irene Coffey – Librarian, Researcher
Amy Wolfe – Treasurer
Rich Kerr – Secretary, Historian & Researcher
Donna Lunny – Publicity, Corresponding Secretary
Kelly Brennan – Director of Education, Adult School, Colonial Living
John Kirkland – Website/Tech, Heritage Festival, Newsletter Editor
Deb Lenert – Membership, Digital Collection

General inquiries:  info@haverfordhistoricalsociety.org

Phone:  484-452-3382