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Haverford Township Historical Society

How to Best Use the Interactive Maps

  1. Click or tap on the “four corners” icon (upper right) to open a larger full-screen map.
  2. Click or tap on an item on the map, or its listing on the left-hand side, to see more details about that item.
  3. If a photo image appears in the upper left corner, click on it to see the enlarged and complete image.
  4. Remember that you can zoom in and out, pan around by dragging on the map, and change from the map view to a satellite view and change back again.

Historic Resources in Haverford Township

Map with updated information on historic resources in Haverford Township. Entries listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) are shown in gold, those which have been determined to be eligible for NRHP listing are shown in blue, and the remaining majority of entries with local recognition are shown in red. All entries shown are subject to Haverford Township’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. Photo images are included for almost all entries. Most entries are privately owned – please respect the owners’ right to privacy.

Haverford Heritage Trail

Map of the Haverford Heritage Trail, a loop route around Haverford Township, mostly on roads, that includes 39 historic features within the township. This map shows the route, optional route legs, and the location of each feature and also nearby township parks. See the Haverford Heritage Trail page for full details. Most historic locations are privately owned – please respect the owners’ right to privacy. (Map prepared for the Friends of Haverford Trails and Haverford Township Historical Society.)

Haverford Township Neighborhoods

Map depicting Haverford Township neighborhoods and their boundaries, based on a detailed review of historical references documenting the pattern over time of parcel subdivision and development within the township. Major sources include the 1961 Franklin’s Property Atlas of the Main Line and an undated map of civic association coverage areas.

Post Offices Serving Haverford Township

This map details the postal delivery coverage areas and the physical building locations of the six post offices that serve Haverford Township (Ardmore 19003, Bryn Mawr 19010, Drexel Hill 19026, Haverford 19041, Havertown 19083 and Wynnewood 19096). It also shows the locations of the two additional post offices that have delivery areas adjoining the township.

Catholic Parishes Serving Haverford Township

This map shows the parish areas and the physical locations of Catholic churches serving Haverford Township. Four of these ten churches are located within the township. The map was drawn from written boundary descriptions from the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Based on the fact that these descriptions reference old road names and old railway names, plus the fact that the last parish was added in 1967, this current map also appears to be accurate for decades back into the past.